Wednesday, March 10, 2010

50 Caliber Paintballs

50 Caliber paintballs are a new idea within the sport and are much less expensive than standard 68 caliber paintballs. When the new 50 caliber paintballs are released for commercial use, we are expecting the paintballs to cost about 30% less than a standard 200 round case of paintballs.

There is a lot less material used to make the 50 caliber paintballs and since they are roughly half the mass, they incur a much lower shipping cost. The process used to make the 50 caliber paintballs is the exact same but the formulas had to be changed.

The force exerted on a 50 caliber paintball is much different than the force used to propel a 68 caliber ball. With that said, the 50 caliber paintball design has to have a very sturdy fill so it will not break in the gun and will break on your target.

The Fill is also redesigned on the 50 caliber paintballs. Since there is a lot less paint filling per ball, you need to have a very thick and bright fill with good quality marking characteristics.

Overall, the 50 caliber paintballs will have to stand up to the tests and trials put forth by the avid paintball players.